Ural Airlines, Koltsovo Airport do first spotting session together

30 July 2013 (09:13)

July 30, 2013.Ural Airlines and Koltsovo Airport coordinated the first-ever joint spotting session in Yekaterinburg as a way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of civil aviation industry, the air carrier’s press service reports.

‘On July 23-26, Ural Airlines’ aircraft and Koltsovo Airport had cameras pointed at them all the time. Every day at dawn, whatever the weather, spotters could make interesting and exciting shots of the takeoff and landing as well as of the servicing of the aircraft. The best vantage points were set up for hundreds of photographers from all over the country. The survey points were set up at the taxiway strip next to the runway, on the platform, and from the roof of the Angelo Hotel,’ the company reports.

Spotters can select the best photographs out of thousands of shots taken of Ural Airlines’ aircraft and the airport premises and direct them to an exhibition that will be set up at Koltsovo.

Ural Airlines and Koltsovo Airport thank all the participants of the spotting session tremendously.

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