Ascent Travel can't pay compensation to tourists

25 July 2013 (17:56)

July 25, 2013. Ascent Travel stopped paying any compensation to tourists as the company's funds have nearly run out, the representatives of the tour operator's insurers – AlfaStrakhovaniye and Pomoshch – report, the press service of the Association of Russian Tour Operators says.

'They haven't refused to meet their obligations officially, but de facto they stopped paying,' a representative of AlfaStrakhovaniye said. The insurance company's representative also said that Ascent Travel promised to come up with a statement of insolvency. However, the list of tourists who might need a compensation from the tour operator's funds still has not been compiled. The tour operator is also unable to say how many tourists have insurance policies issued by either of the two insurance companies (AlfaStrakhovaniye and Pomoshch).

It is also not clear what to do about 147 Russian travelers who still can't leave Italian airports.

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