Criminal lawsuit initiated in Sverdlovsk Region regarding Chanel trademark abuse

June 11, 2013. An inspection by Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities ended up with the institution of criminal proceedings, with charges based on Article 180 (part 1) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (trademark abuse resulting in large-scale damage).

The spokesperson for the authorities explains that in May 2013, a clandestine shoe-making enterprise was discovered in the village of Atig, Nizhneserginsky District. The workshop produced fake Chanel shoes and employed over 100 Central Asia natives. The police officers confiscated about 3,600 pairs of shoes then.

The Switzerland-based Chanel SARL, Chanel trademark owner, stated that the confiscated footwear was not the original produce manufactured under the Chanel brand. Besides, no Chanel goods are officially produced in Russia.

The damage done to the trademark owner exceeded 70m RUR.

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