Kamenskoye’s planted acreage to exceed 14,000 hectares this year

20 May 2013 (09:52)

May 20, 2013. OAO Kamenskoye (one of the Mid-Urals’ largest agricultural enterprises and a member of Sinara Group) keeps up with its sowing campaign.

This spring, the overall planted acreage is expected to rise by 1,000 hectares and to come to more than 14,000 hectares. Most of the land will be used to plant crops: over 2,000 tons of wheat, barley, and oat seeds have been prepared for the sowing. Barley, a popular animal forage grain, is expected to make up a large share of all the planted crops. More than 3,000 hectares of arable land has been allocated for this. To ensure good harvest, Kamenskoye agricultural producers bought 35 tons of Prancer, the technologically valuable variety of oats.

6,000 hectares are used for annual and perennial fodder greens that are cultivated to make sure the enterprise’s milking herd has enough to eat; 600 hectares are used to plant corn, and 37 hectares are planted with potatoes and beetroot.

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