UBRD Bonds Get MICEX Listing

4 April 2013 (09:15)

April 4, 2013.Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange Directorate decided on March 29, 2013 that the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s exchange bonds will now be listed among the securities that can be traded at the said stock exchange, the bank’s press service reports.

The bond issue amounts to 2bn RUR. Each bond’s face value comes to 1,000 RUR. The issue will be in circulation for fourteen six-month coupon periods, and bonds can actually be redeemed earlier if the bond owners insist on this and if the issuer sees fit to do this. The issue is coordinated by Promsvyazbank and Nomos Bank.

According to the UBRD Financial Institutions & Investment Services Director Vladimir Zotov, the existing structure of the bank’s bonded loans allows the investors to vouchsafe their money with the bank’s debt instruments in the short, medium, and long term. What is more, these MICEX-listed bonds are now on the Bank of Russia’s Lombard List as well.

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