Sverdlovsk Region Towns Owe 160m RUR for Electric Power Supply

11 February 2013 (09:36)

February 11, 2013. As of January 1, 2013, all the municipal enterprises and organizations based in Sverdlovsk Region owed 160m RUR to SverdlovEnergoSbyt (against 120m RUR a year earlier), the energy supplier’s press service reports.

The company’s analysts say that the town of Ivdel turned out to have the greatest debt at the start of 2013 (16.5m RUR, which is 114 times more than at the beginning of 2012); this town is followed by Talitsa, with its 8.1m RUR worth of unpaid electricity bills (this is 1.35m RUR more than a year earlier), Bogdanovitch, with its 7.1m RUR worth of debts, Tugulym, with its 6.9m RUR worth of debts (which is 3.5 times more than a year earlier), Kamensk-Uralsky (5.5m RUR), Krasnoturinsk (4.2m RUR), Irbit (5.2m RUR), Slobodo-Turinsky District (4m RUR), Alapayevsk (3.9m RUR), Achit (3.8m RUR), and Beloyarsky (2.9m RUR, which is 9 times more than a year earlier).

As for Ivdel, the town council actually happens to be the largest debtor. The local authorities owe SverdlovEnergoSbyt nearly 16.3m RUR. Then, Talitsa’s main problem is the non-payment on the part of educational establishments. In Bogdanovitch, the primary schools and kindergartens are also the primary non-payers.

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