Sverdlovsk Region Government, Rosatom to Devise Development Plan for Lesnoy

17 December 2012 (09:42)

December 17, 2012. Sverdlovsk Region Government Vice Premier Alexander Petrov took part in the events dedicated to the founder of Electrokhimpribor and the special-regime town of Lesnoy Dmitri Vassilyev’s 110th birthday, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Administration reports.

‘We are planning to devise a multi-faceted development plan for Lesnoy, just like we did for Novouralsk in cooperation with Rosatom Corporation and TVEL. We have already got some expertise in developing a nuclear enterprise through production diversification,’ Petrov said.

He added that a meeting with Rosatom and Electrokhimpribor representatives on how to develop the town further would be held in December.

Head of Electrokhimpribor Isotope Production Department Alexander Shushkin said the enterprise could boast the world’s only unit for the production of stable isotopes through electromagnetic separation.

‘The same kind of unit is installed in one of the United States Department of Energy National Laboratories, but it has been stopped for the time being. We make isotopes as complicated as Lithium 6 and can also manufacture Uranium 235, it’s just not necessary,’ Shushkin explained.

He noted that radioisotopes had a wide application range, including nuclear medicine (diagnosing and treating cancer and cardiovascular diseases), industrial production, and scientific research. About 90% of all their produce gets exported.

A conference dedicated to the city’s founding father Dmitri Vassilyev was also held in Lesnoy.

‘It’s hard to imagine that such an important facility was set up in the war aftermath, under very difficult conditions and under very strict deadlines; moreover, this facility is still operating and offering jobs to new generations of workers,’ says Electrokhimpribor Director-General Andrei Novikov.

‘By unveiling a monument here, we are writing our town’s contemporary history. There are two museums, an art school, and a church nearby. We’ll also have the Pioneers’ Valley and a mini park here, so the whole square will become the historic and cultural heart of Lesnoy,’ Mayor of Lesnoy Yuri Ivanov said at the solemn ceremony.

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