Lada’s Yekaterinburg Sales Stop Growing

29 November 2012 (10:05)

November 29, 2012. Some 81,424 new cars were sold in Yekaterinburg in January-October 2012. This is 18% more than a year earlier, Auto-Dealer-Yekaterinburg reports.

8,135 cars were sold in the city in October alone, which is 7% (or 517 cars) more than in October 2011.

Lada is still the best selling make in Yekaterinburg; however, while this car’s sales rose by as much as 17% in September, all this growth stopped in October (compared with October 2011). As for the sales in the ten months of 2012, the figures have not increased on the previous year.

As for the foreign cars, Chevrolet has been the top-selling car for three months in a row now, thus outstripping the leading Toyota and gradually getting more and more ahead of it.

In October 2012, Kia was the third most popular car: its sales dynamics looked the best in the ten months of 2012 among the top 15 best-selling brands. It might outstrip Hyundai and make it to the top 5 before the end of the year. Meanwhile, Hyundai sales have gone noticeably down due to the impressive last year’s reserves of the Solaris make that entered the market in 2011.

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