Sverdlovsk Region to Go through with 2nd 3bn RUR Bond Issue

28 November 2012 (09:36)

November 28, 2012. Sverdlovsk Region Government decided yesterday that it would go through with a government bonds issue for 2012; the bonds will be assigned a fixed coupon yield and debt amortization. The state serial number is RU34002SVS0, the decree states.
The date of the offering has been set for December 5, 2012.

The bonds total to 3m pieces, the total bond issue amounts to 3bn RUR. The bonds are to be in circulation for 1,825 days. The rate is to be determined by the Finance Ministry on the basis of applications submitted by the bidders for the offer.

Bank VTB acts as the general agent for the issue.

Sverdlovsk Region Government Orders Department had placed the regional Finance Ministry’s order for the coordination of Sverdlovsk Region bond loan worth 3bn RUR some time earlier. The envelopes with the bidder’s applications were opened on May 15, 2012.

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