Pavel Astakhov to Look into Talk Fusion

26 September 2012 (09:30)

The Ural Parent Committee appealed to the Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov, asking him to look into the actions of Talk Fusion that appears to look like a pyramid scheme. The organization actually involves minors into its activity, President of Ural Parent Committee Evgeny Zhabreyev told UrBC. According to Zhabreyev, Astakhov has already decided to investigate the issue.

Talk Fusion has been very active in Yekaterinburg recently; experts believe this organization has all the characteristics of a pyramid scheme and has schoolchildren and underage students among its members.

‘We have already sent all the data to the Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov and are now working on petitions for law-enforcement and surveillance bodies. No one doubts any more that this company is a pyramid scheme. An employee of our fund managed to get the organization operators interested in his application and to talk to those who lure new members in. He actually said he was a minor, a 10th grade high school student,’ Zhabreyev said.

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