Aluminum Section to Be Closed Down before End of Year, VSMPO-Avisma Corporation Says

23 August 2012 (09:56)

VSMPO-Avisma Corporation was unable to fulfill all the orders its customers had placed in the seven months of 2012, the corporation’s Director-General Mikhail Voyevodin said in an interview to Novator.

‘Our production departments were unable to fulfill all of the customers’ orders. The corporation’s personnel, especially the workers employed at VSMPO, need to pull themselves together and meet the target figures. We are already getting next year’s orders from our customers, and if we finish the year 2012 off with unfulfilled contracts, our prospects of manufacturing 34,000 tons of goods in 2013 will look very dubious. So it is the question of whether there will be some new contracts or not, whether we should sign up for new orders or not. This is why VSMPO has August and September to meet the business plan by 100%,’ Voyevodin noted.

‘Should we fail to meet the plan, some of our customers will be left without our products and will start looking for them elsewhere. This means that in a year or two, we’ll lose some actual orders. Let us remember the year 2009. I might as well say that we’ll relapse back into the year 2009, but there will be no way back, with all the implications: we’ll have to lay off workers and cut back on our social welfare programs. However, I am positive that VSMPO has employed professional and responsible people who will be able to retain the corporation’s current market share,’ the executive pointed out.

As for the corporation’s daughter enterprise Aluminum Section, this company will be closed down by the end of the year.

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