Ex-DG of Kushva Mechano-Electrical Plant Accused of Withholding Over 20m RUR

13 August 2012 (09:19)

The former Director-General and BOD Chairman of Kushva Mechano-Electrical Plant is accused of withholding money meant for tax payment (the charges are based on Article 199.2 of Russia’s Criminal Code).

The criminal case involving the 64-year-old former executive was handled by Kushva Interdepartmental Investigative Division of Russia’s Investigative Committee in Sverdlovsk Region.

According to the inquiry team, the accused, who was the plant’s director at the time, withheld over 20m RUR worth of tax payments between January 2009 and March 2010. Yet the company owed the budget over 23m RUR in tax payments. The money was used to pay the contractors, creditors, and the director’s own high salary.

The plant is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings at the moment, and the decision as to how the tax debts would be paid off will be made at the end of the proceedings. In the nearest future, the case will be placed with the court for consideration, the press office of Russia’s Investigative Committee Sverdlovsk Region division reports.

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