President, Suvorov Business Centers to Be Launched 3 Years Late

27 July 2012 (17:24)

The business centers Suvorov and President in downtown Yekaterinburg will be commissioned this year, Yekaterinburg Council’s press service reports. This means the original launch date was put off by three years.

The construction of Suvorov, located at 6/1 Radischev St, began as early as 2007 (the original name of the center was The Count Orloff). The center was supposed to have been launched as early as 2009, but all the jobs had to be halted a number of times, and the construction process stopped. As a result, The Count Orloff is only about to be launched now.

President Business Center, a twenty-storey skyscraper at the embankment of the city pond, was ‘frozen’ by RED Group due to funds shortage and was supposed to have been launched even before the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit (that is, in 2009). However, the developer turned out to be unable to proceed with the construction at once and had to ‘freeze’ the site.

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