Ural Airlines Launches Flight Simulator Center

Ural Airlines is launching a unique cockpit simulator center in order to train its pilots, the company’s press service reports.

The most advanced cockpit simulator to date was purchased in the Netherlands. The unit was made specially for Ural Airlines by one of the world’s major manufacturers SIM Industries, which joined Lockheed Martin recently. The equipment cost ?7.5m. The new flight simulator center will allow the company to enhance the efficiency of its flights. What is more, pilots will be able to train as much as they need, while training in Europe is always limited in time: a standard session only lasts three hours.

It should be noted that Ural Airlines’ cockpit simulator is unique to Russia at the moment. It meets the highest international standards and has a Level-D certificate that entitles its holder to training pilots without the actual planes. The simulator’s other advantage is that its component parts have been produced by the best suppliers in the field. For one, the unit is fitted with one of the world’s best visualization systems manufactured by Rockwell Collins and a unique pneumo-electric motion generation system with enhanced energy efficiency. The cockpit simulator design complies with that of Airbus A 320 aircraft.

The machinery has been fully certified by the international and Russian aviation authorities and can operate without any additional upgrades for the next fifteen years. Such simulators are now used by the world’s largest airlines such as Emirates, Air France, Lufthansa, and others.

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