Sinara-Development Allowed to Put up Building near Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg

Sinara-Development obtained the official permission to put up a building near Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg.

‘Sinara-Development must be provided with a permission to provisionally use a land allotment for putting up an apartment building in slot 66:41:0303075:12 (area 11,285 sq m) in Zone C2 (the service sector and business activity zone) in Krylov St/Melnikov St in Yekaterinburg. The land allotment will be used for putting up multi-storey apartment blocks that have some non-residential quarters as well,’ says the decree signed by Mayor of Yekaterinburg Alexander Yakob.

The design provides for a quarter divided into two sectors: the living quarters with multi-section apartment buildings with a varying number of floors and a commercial zone with a multi-purpose facility housing an art gallery, some offices, a hotel, and a number of lofts and a shopping and entertainment center with a multi-level parking lot.

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