Norilsk Nickel Refuses to Let UMMC Develop Elanskoye Deposit

24 May 2012 (09:50)

Rosnedra declared UMMC’s Mednogorsky Copper & Sulphur Works the winner in the tender for the development of Yelanskoye copper- and nickel-containing ore deposit in Voronezh Region. Now Norilsk Nickel, which took part in the tender as well, decided the state agency’s decision had not been impartial. Norilsk Nickel also refused to join the project for the development of another deposit, Yelkinskoye. As a result, this deposit was handed over to UMMC, too.

The nationally significant subsoil resources of Yelanskoye and Yelkinskoye deposits are located in Voronezh Region’s Novokhopersky municipality and are expected to be used for the geological exploration, survey, and production of copper and nickel ores. The tender committee’s ruling that UMMC’s proposals were more elaborate and environmentally friendlier had been accepted unanimously.

After the winner has received its license, the company and Voronezh Region will sign a cooperation agreement, the spokesperson for the region’s Governor says.

‘Norilsk Nickel intends to try and protect its rights. We are currently considering the different ways which our company can act in,’ the company told Interfax.

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