METCOMBANK, Visa Launch Golden Time with Visa Gold

22 May 2012 (10:24)

METCOMBANK and Visa are launching a special offer dubbed Golden Time with Visa Gold.

Golden Time is a week of treats Visa offers the winners. Every day, the winning customers receive something nice, and on weekends, they can enjoy their stay at one of Rixos Hotels in Turkey.

Throughout this Golden Time offer (May 20 to July 20, 2012) every Visa Gold cardholder can win the numerous prizes that vary according to the day of the week. For one, a personal coach workout is drawn every Monday, a restaurant dinner can be won on Wednesdays, and a stay in a hotel in Turkey is available at weekends.

To use the special offer, one has to get a Visa Gold within the given period and use it for at least one transaction.

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