50 Ural Investors to Take Part in Facebook’s IPO

21 May 2012 (09:29)

The lead managers of Facebook’s IPO are going to consider the bids for purchasing a stake in the world’s largest social network. BCS and Finam, who processed the bids, told Kommersant that the Ural investors had submitted several scores of them.

For one, eighteen applications have been submitted by 25 people at BrokerCreditService’s Yekaterinburg office.

‘Some of our customers consolidated their funds into one bid. The bids come to $70,000 on average, but we have some rather large-scale investors as well, with bids amounting to $500,000 and more,’ says the director of BCS Yekaterinburg branch Evgeny Marchuk.

Finam told the Kommersant reporter that about 50 Ural Federal District-based investors were interested in this IPO.

‘About 10% of all the applications were submitted by the Ural dwellers, with the average bid coming to $15,000. With the exception of Moscow, Moscow Region, and Saint Petersburg, this level of interest can be assessed as comparable with the country’s average,’ says Finam Analyst Anatoly Vakulenko.

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