Rusgrad: Yekaterinburg EXPO site survives takeover attempt

10 April 2012 (09:15)

The clash around Yekaterinburg EXPO exhibition center keeps unfolding. According to people from the construction company Rusgrad, the clash resulted in an actual takeover attempt at the construction site today.

‘Six men blocked the entrance to the construction site when the representatives of our DG tried to get there this morning. The men said they were employed with a private security firm but refused to produce any documents to prove it. The builders, who couldn’t enter the site, called the police; the arrival of the latter was obviously disconcerting to the men, but they did not leave,’ the developer reports.

The law-enforcement officers later found out that the six men were not employed with a security firm and had no licenses or IDs on them.

‘This means this was a trivial raiding attempt. After a short discussion, the so-called security firm employees left the site and let the builders get to work,’ the company says.

Rusgrad’s DG Stanislav Dresvyankin says this only puzzled the builders.

‘It was only yesterday that I talked to Mr. Yelizarov, the director of Ural Exhibition Center (the daughter company of the Mid-Urals Development Corporation), who said they intended to keep working on the project, but without Rusgrad. Our negotiations resulted in agreeing that we needed to remove our supplies and machinery from the site. We also agreed to check on the amount of work already done to avoid any misunderstanding. This would take three parties: Rusgrad, Sinara Development, and Ural Exhibition Center. And today we were just not allowed to enter our construction site, even though this disagrees completely with what was said yesterday,’ he noted.

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