Khanty-Mansiysky Bank Insists on Ural Instrument-Making Plant’s Bankruptcy

19 March 2012 (09:20)

Khanty-Mansiysky Bank insists that Ural Instrument-Making Plant be declared insolvent; this was the claim the bank placed with Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court. The date of the preliminary hearing of the case has not been set yet.

In fact, this very same court is now processing a number of claims laid by the plant against the bank, for one, the claim where the plant insists that the mortgage on a boiler house and a land allotment in Sverdlovsk Region’s Sysert District be declared free of encumbrances, and the claim where the plant insists that the encumbrances on the mortgage on nonresidential buildings at 17 Maxim Gorky St in Yekaterinburg and on a 15,587 sq m land allotment located at the same address be declared at no longer existing.

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