Magnum Stores Liquidation Declared Legitimate

27 February 2012 (09:20)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court rejected the claim laid by Sberbank of Russia’s Ural branch against Russia’s Federal Tax Service, liquidation committees for Magnum-2 and Magnum-9 strong drinks supermarkets, and the committees’ Chair Inna Sulla.

The bank insisted that the actions of the liquidation committees be declared unlawful and that the tax service (represented by the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate in Kirovsky District of Yekaterinburg) restore the entries regarding the liquidated legal entities in its Unified State Registers of Legal Entities.

Sberbank claims that Ms Sulla did not take the proper steps to find out that Sberbank of Russia is one of the supermarkets’ creditors and did not inform Sberbank of the liquidation. As a result, the bank’s claims were not accounted for in the interim liquidation balance sheet by the liquidation committees for Magnum-2 and Magnum-9.

The court did not rule in the plaintiff’s favor.

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