Ural Airlines Suggests Authorities Co-Pay Unpopular International Flights

17 February 2012 (09:19)

Ural Airlines is planning to suggest that Sverdlovsk Region authorities co-pay the international flights that are not fully sold out, the air carrier’s Director-General Sergey Skuratov told Interfax-Ural.

He said this kind of state-private cooperation was practiced in Chelyabinsk Region, where flights from Chelyabinsk to Harbin and from Chelyabinsk to Vienna receive regional budget subsidies.

‘Subsidies decrease as the seat occupancy goes up. At some point, there comes a moment when subsidies are cut out as the passenger load factor reaches a certain level that ensures a positive balance sheet. This is a good principle, and I am planning to make this proposal to Governor of Sverdlovsk Region as well,’ Skuratov said.

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