Deutsche Bahn: We Hope Industrial Urals-Polar Urals Corporation Learns from its Mistakes

The German railway enterprise Deutsche Bahn’s daughter enterprise DB International GmbH is getting ready to purchase the shares of The Industrial Urals-The Polar Urals Corporation, DB International GmbH’s letter to the corporation’s management makes clear.

The letter states, for example, that DB International GmbH pays particularly close attention to the flawless reputation of companies it is about to buy, and the corporation and question and its daughter enterprise UST were the object of unflattering rumors in the past.

‘We presume that the corporation has learned from its past mistakes and that you took all the steps necessary to avoid making these mistakes in the future,’ Interfax quotes.

DB International GmbH placed an official request with the corporation’s management asking to inform them whether a change in administration, personnel, or elsewhere should be expected, and to confirm that the corporation, UST, and the two companies’ top executives and employees are not facing the risks related to charge-backs or fines, Interfax points out.

It’s worth noting that the corporation’s Director-General Alexander Beletsky announced at a press conference in Yekaterinburg that his team was currently working on a name change and a new project on deep-level processing of chicken eggs.

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