Olga Gulyar: Czech Connect Airlines’ One Problem Is Destination Choices

The fact that Czech Connect Airlines recently came to a temporary halt due to financial difficulties is not going to affect the Urals’ tourist market in any noticeable way. The company’s Yekaterinburg-Karslbad flights were actually complementary among all the other offers on hand, says Director of Zima-Leto Group Olga Gulyar.

‘In my opinion, one of the causes of Czech Connect Airlines’ financial troubles lies in the wrong choice of a destination. It would have been much better for the airline to focus on flights to Prague that actually enjoy enormous demand. Travelers come to Prague both as tourists and on business. Besides, this is a large transportation hub that many travelers use on their connecting flights to Vienna, Paris and other world capitals. One could say that the Urals-based passengers fly to Europe via Prague more often than via Moscow,’ Ms Gulyar said.

In the meantime, Czech Connect Airlines reports its business activity will be halted until late March 2012.

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