SKB-Bank Gets on Russia’s Top 40 List

27 January 2012 (09:36)

Interfax Center for Economic Analysis carried one of the first official banks’ ratings for the year 2011. SKB-Bank was featured among Russia’s Top 40 lending institutions: the bank was given the 40th position in the rating and declared one of Sverdlovsk Region’s five leading banks.

SKB-Bank’s rating position improved considerably last year: at the start of 2011, the bank was given the 46th position as its assets volume amounted to 88.8bn RUR. According to the data provided by the agency’s analysts, the bank’s assets volume rose by 31.2% in the course of the year and exceeded 110.4bn RUR. What is more, SKB-Bank also got on the country’s Top 50 most profitable banks list: its profit reached 1.6bn RUR on January 1, 2012.

This Interfax 100 Rating was compiled on the basis of Form 101 (turnover balance sheet) and Form 102 (profit and loss statement) available via the Central Bank’s official website.

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