Clash over Vladimir Lisin’s NLMK Group Assets Unfolds in Yekaterinburg

The clash over NLMK Group’s assets still has not been settled in Sverdlovsk Region. M.N. Maksimova’s claims against Nizhneserginsky Metal Goods Plant were placed with the arbitration court. The plaintiff insists that some of the decisions made by the plant’s stockholders be declared invalid.

The plant is actually a member of Vladimir Lisin’s NLMK Group.

Meanwhile, the defendant does admit that there exists a disagreement between the plant and its former owner Nikolai Maksimov and his relatives.

‘Court disputes between NLMK and its daughter enterprises and N.V. Maksimov, the former executive of Maxi-Group, go on as before; the disputes have to do with NLMK buying a shareholding in Maxi-Group,’ NLMK-Ural’s press service informed UrBC.

‘M.N. Maksimova’s claim, with the plaintiff demanding that the decisions taken at Nizhneserginsky Metal Goods Plant’s AGM be declared invalid, is a striking example of how she sees her responsibility as the plant’s shareholder: through the said claim, Ms Maksimova actually contests a decision that had never been taken by the stockholders at the annual general meeting,’ the company says.

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