Customer’s money missing from Alfa-Bank’s Yekaterinburg office

A large sum of a customer’s money went missing from Ural, Alfa-Bank’s Yekaterinburg office, the victim himself informed UrBC.

‘I decided to place 25,000 RUR into my Alfa-Bank card account on December 23. I used the cash-in ATM located in their Ural office right in the center of the city. Unfortunately, the money was not transferred into my account; nor did the ATM give me my money back,’ the bank’s customer told UrBC.

According to the customer, the office clerks did admit that the trouble had most likely been caused by an ATM glitch and suggested that he should submit an official complaint.

‘Of course I submitted my complaint on the same day. Three days later, on December 26, I received a text message informing me that my complaint was accepted for processing and that this would take nine days. This means I am going to spend the upcoming New Year holidays without a significant sum of money I had been counting on. Unfortunately, Alfa-Bank refused to speed up the processing of my complaint despite the fact that I am their old-time customer,’ he notes.

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