Mikhail Maximov to act as Head of Government, Sverdlovsk Region Government says

26 December 2011 (09:35)

Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government’s press officer Evgeny Kharlamov explained the facts behind First Deputy Head of Government Mikhail Maximov signing a governmental decree.

‘Mikhail Maximov is going to sign the regional government’s decrees while Anatoly Gredin is absent. This was the case on December 17, for example, when Maximov signed the decree regarding the state guarantees offered by Sverdlovsk Region to OAO Ural Exhibition Center in 2011. Anatoly Gredin was away on business in Moscow at that moment,’ Kharlamov said.

In fact, Sverdlovsk Region provided Ural Exhibition Center with 1.9bn RUR worth of state guarantees for a period of ten years.

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