S7 Airlines: Causes of Boeing 737 emergency landing at Koltsovo unknowns

22 November 2011 (09:31)

‘We do not know even the preliminarily established cause of the emergency landing. It might actually have been the case that the sensor was simply faulty.’ S7 Airlines’ press service informed RIA Novosti.

The news of the emergency reached the Ministry of Emergency at 8:55 AM Moscow time. The critical sensors of Boeing 737 flying from Nadym to Moscow suddenly went on, so the plane had to perform a landing in Koltsovo Airport of Yekaterinburg. No one was hurt. An ad hoc committee is going to look into the causes of the incident.

The plane is known to belong to Globus Aviation Company (a member of S7 Group that operates under the S7 Airlines brand).

‘We’ll operate two Yekaterinburg-Moscow flights, N54 and N56, today. The passengers that were aboard the unfortunate aircraft will be taken to Moscow via these flights. They are already checking-in at the moment,’ the press officer said.

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