Auchan won’t take our goods for no reason, Reftinskaya poultry factory says

18 November 2011 (18:20)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 17, 2011. Auchan is now Yekaterinburg’s only large supermarket chain that does not sell anything produced at Reftinskaya poultry factory. This became the case after the factory transformed into a new legal entity.

‘We still haven’t signed a new supply agreement with Auchan. The new agreement was needed because the factory transformed into a new legal entity when it was turned into a joint stock company at the end of August.

‘Auchan’s management was informed of the changes well beforehand, but it’s mid-November now, and the agreement still has not been signed by our partner. This means our produce can’t be found in Auchan at the moment,’ says the factory’s Commercial Director Anna Kuznetsova.

‘This looks strange, since Auchan is both not refusing to do business with us and is not in a hurry to sign the agreement. On our part, we are ready for cooperation, as Auchan is our long-time partner, we’ve been working together ever since the chain arrived in Yekaterinburg. I hope the issue will be resolved in the nearest future,’ Ms Kuznetsova added.

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