Sverdlovsk Region Government Questions UralTransMash’s Taxes

The recent meeting of Sverdlovsk Region Enterprises Support Committee was dedicated to the local defense enterprises Ural Mechano-Electrical Plant, Ural Transport Machine-Building Plant (UralTransMash), and Ural Civil Aviation Plant.

Deputy Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Alexander Petrov explained that all those enterprises depended on state orders and on the terms of payment for the produce. Still, the committee was interested in the companies making all the necessary payments to the treasury, especially corporate income tax.

It turns out most plants have an opportunity to make more tax payments to consolidated budget. For one, the enterprises’ revenues grew by 40% this year but their commercial spending rose as well, which resulted in fewer income tax payments. Ural Mechano-Electrical Plant, for example, paid only half of last year’s amount in terms of income tax this year, while UralTransMash declared it suffered losses and was not liable to pay any income tax to the budget.

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