Microsoft: Copyright Protection Movement Rises in the Urals

The copyright protection movements appears to have gained more strength in the Urals lately, the Director of Microsoft Russia’s Ural Macro-Region division Andrei Kinash recently told reporters.

We make quite a few efforts to prevent the use of pirated software in the business sector, which is why we introduced an anonymous, free of charge hotline that businesspeople can call and consult our experts on whether they do everything right and how they can go legal,’ Kinash said.

‘We keep getting various requests from different agencies that ask as to confirm this or that piece of information. We can see that the state is really implementing the copyright protection law. We are glad of this. Remarkably, our users have grown more responsible in terms of using licensed software as well,’ he added.

Kinash also pointed out that the company was paying closer attention to those using pirated software for profit-making purposes.

‘The court cases are not usually resolved in the offending companies’ favor,’ he noted.

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