Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant Gets A Stone Garden

22 September 2011 (09:37)

A Japanese stone garden can now be seen at Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant’s Vysota 239 department. The new ornamental addition is located on the unoccupied premises of the corrosion-resistant tube coating section, the plant’s press officer reports.

The stone garden is a flat surface filled with sand, with picturesquely located stones and pink Japanese cherry trees. The position of the stones corresponds with the certain rules Zen Buddhist rules: for one, there is an odd number of them, most of the stones are horizontal and half-sunk in the sand, and they create triangular shapes together. Most importantly, all the stones can be seen at one at the same time from any viewing point in the garden.

The team of Vysota 239 department felt very positive about the unusual component added to a production shop. The workers say the stone garden is pleasing to the eye and makes the surroundings more harmonious. The department’s numerous visitors, who come on tours on a regular basis, like the garden as well.

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