Sverdlovsk Region’s Shares in Shopping Centers Gain Value

19 September 2011 (09:05)

Following the meeting of Sverdlovsk Region Duma Industrial & Agricultural Policies & Nature Management Committee, a decision will be made at the next Duma meeting regarding the sale of the shares the region has in Evropa and Uspensky Shopping Centers.

The Duma meeting will take place on September 21 or 22, and it is at this meeting that the decision regarding the sale will be made,’ the Committee Chairman Vladimir Mashkov told UrBC.

Now in 2010, the Duma deputies refused to sell the Duma’s shares in the shopping centers since the price was, in their opinion, too low. The share in Uspensky was estimated at 200m RUR and the one-seventh of shares in Evropa was estimated at 153m RUR. Today, the shares come to 263m RUR and 186m RUR, respectively.

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