Stern Wins Tender for Mercedes Repairs in Sverdlovsk Region

Stern, the only bidder, won the tender for the repair of Mercedes automobiles belonging to Sverdlovsk Region Automobile Park. The repairs tender amounts to 1.99m RUR.

The charge for a rate-hour is 2,100 RUR; the winner of the tender will service a total of fifteen vehicles.

In fact, Stern has already won the tender for the purchase of a luxury car for the governor of the region. At the time, only one bidder was allowed to submit an application for the auction, which is why a claim laid by the region’s public prosecution authorities is now being processed in Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court. The prosecution authorities insist that the purchase of a Mercedes for nearly 8m RUR for Sverdlovsk Region Government Automobile Park was illegitimate.

According to the Russian Federation official website dedicated to information on state orders, the guarantee for Mercedes maintenance comes to at least twenty days if the kilometrage is under 1,000 km; the guarantee for Mercedes repairs comes to at least thirty days if the kilometrage is under 2,000 km; the guarantee for spare parts is valid for at least two years.

The contract will be valid through December 31, 2011.

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