Finance Ministry: 300m RUR Needed to Apply for EXPO 2020

Sverdlovsk Region Finance Ministry came up with the first figures regarding the cost of Sverdlovsk Region applying for hosting the World Universal Exhibition EXPO 2020.

A candidate city has to get ready for an examination by inspection committees and prepare a detailed plan with all kinds of projects ranging from the architectural ones (a master plan of EXPO premises and the suggestions for its further use) to the transportation concept to the city’s sustainable development project for 2011-2020,’ the Ministry announced today.

To elaborate such a grand application, one needs to use the services of internationally reputed consultants, as well as architects, engineers, designers, marketing experts, and so on. What is more, the information/advertising campaign should reach the international level, the project has to be presented at the world’s largest fairs,’ the Ministry explained.

300m RUR has already been allocated for the preparation from the region’s budget.

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