Lada, Peugeot, Toyota Russian Sales Drop

10 August 2011 (09:43)

The Russian automobile market’s growth had a dramatic slow-down in July 2011, says the European Business Association that provided the data on the new car sales in Russia.

The second half of the year started off with a noticeable growth drop, as the sales only increased by 27% (224,600 cars) against 40% in June 2011.

In July, the greatest share of cars (50,500) was sold by AvtoVAZ as usual, yet Lada sales declined by 3% for the first time since the end of the recession.

As for foreign automobiles, Chevrolet is still the market leader, with its increase in sales coming to 76% (15,800 cars). Renault had to give up its second place to Kia in July. Volkswagen sales grew the fastest, by 115% (11,000 cars).

Following the spring disasters in Japan, the consequences of which were fully felt by the market only in the summer, the situation has changed dramatically. Toyota sales dropped by 11% in July, Mitsubishi sales only rose by 29%, those of Nissan went up by 55%, and those of Suzuki and Honda increased by 12% and 4%, respectively.

The Association also reports the sales of Peugeot dropped by 8%.

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