Turkey, Egypt Less Popular with Russians

13 July 2011 (09:03)

Turkey is still the most popular country with Russian tourists in terms of bookings in July 2011: 34.7% of all the inquiries made through Tourindex are related to this country. However, this figure is nearly 4.3% smaller than in June 2010, the Association of Russian Tour Operators’ Analytic Service reports.

In comparison with June 2010, the total number of Turkey-related inquiries dropped by almost 60% in June 2011. Still, Turkey remained three times more popular than Greece, whose share in the total number of tourist inquiries came to 12% in June. As for Egypt, the number of inquiries declined by over 60% compared with last June.

Spain, which was the fourth most popular country in June, was the subject of nearly 7.4% of all tourist inquiries, which was actually 1.2% more than in June 2010.

4.8% (compared with 4.2% last year) of tourist inquiries were related to Bulgaria, 4.7% were related to Cyprus, which was 0.4% better than in June 2010. 3.4% of inquiries had to do with Italy, which was 0.7% more than in June 2010. At the same time, the number of Tourindex users’ inquiries related to these countries nearly halved this year.

Thailand was the subject of 3.2% of all inquiries, which was almost twice the figure scored last June. 3.1% (compared with 3.3% last year) of inquiries had to do with Croatia, 3% (compared with 2.5% in June 2010) were related to Montenegro. All the other countries outside the Top 10 scored 14.3% of all tourist inquiries against 10.7% in June 2010.

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