Russia Might Ban Right Hand Drive Cars

13 July 2011 (09:03)

It might become illegal to sell right hand drive cars imported to Russia recently. Such was the proposal contained in the project on the new technical regulations for vehicles within the single Customs Union which comprises Russia, Kazakhstan, and Byelorussia, Vedomosti reports.

Right hand drive cars are already banned in Kazakhstan and Byelorussia. When the proposal was first voiced in preparation for the Russian technical requirements for vehicles in 2009, drivers protested en masse, especially in the Far East.

According to head of the Ministry for Industry and Trade Alexei Rakhmanov, the interdepartmental meetings on the requirements will be held for the next two weeks, and on August 4, the draft will be considered at the talks with the Byelorussian and Kazakh officials. The problem is that there is no consensus about the issue among the Russian government officials; for one, the Ministry for Economic Development is opposed to the idea.

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