METCOMBANK To Launch 5bn RUR Bond Issue

28 June 2011 (09:14)

METCOMBANK Board of Directors considered and approved of the idea to launch a Series 01 and 02 bond issues worth a total of 5 billion RUR, the bank’s press service reports.

The first bond issue amounts to 2 billion RUR, the second one to 3 billion RUR, with each bond coming at face value of 1,000 RUR apiece. The bonds will remain in circulation for three years (1,098 days) from the day of the launch. These securities will be distributed via a public subscription, with the coupon yield for every coupon period reaching a certain percentage of the bonds’ face value; it is to be paid on the day the corresponding coupon period expires. There are six coupon periods altogether, each lasting 183 days.

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