Government Suggests NTMK, Uralvagonzavod Needs Stricter Discharge Control

22 June 2011 (09:18)

Sverdlovsk Region Government suggested that A.V. Kushnarev, acting on behalf of Nizhniy Tagil Iron & Steel Works, and O. V. Sienko, acting on behalf of Uralvagonzavod Scientific Production Corporation, make sure their respective companies comply with the maximum permissible discharge limits set for the atmospheric pollutants. Such was the message of the government’s provision on the effectiveness of measures taken to reduce the negative impact the enterprises of Nizhniy Tagil and Kirovgrad have been making on the environment.

It was recommended that the enterprises should comply with the existing permissible substances and microorganisms discharge norms as far as water bodies are concerned; see to it that the emission of atmospheric pollutants on bad weather days is duly regulated and ensure control over the effectiveness of the atmospheric emission reduction measures, including checks with the help of instrumental control methods; finally, the companies should run lab tests of the air quality within housing quarters to prove that the maximum permissible discharge norms are complied with.

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