MMK-Atakas makes 3,000,000 kg of hot-rolled sheets

19 May 2011 (09:14)

The first 3,000 tons of hot-rolled sheets have been produced at the steel-smelting facility of MMK-Atakas, an iron and steel works, MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works) reports.

The facility is expected to reach its projected capacity by the end of the year, so as soon as in January 2012, MMK-Atakas will be producing 200,000 tons of hot-rolled stock every month. According to MMK forecasts, the works will have manufactured over 800,000 tons of goods by the end of 2011.

The iron and steel works in Iskenderun is fitted with the most advanced and hi tech machinery available to the metallurgical industry at the moment. The facility’s projected capacity comes to 2.3 million tons of flat rolled metal stock a year. All the jobs related to making sure MMK-Atakas reaches its full capacity are carried out in strict accordance with the existing launch schedule that was agreed upon by both MMK-Atakas and the Italian firm Danieli which supplies the machinery,’ MMK-Atakas Director-General Sergey Ushakov says.

As for MMK-Atakas Istanbul production site, a polymeric coating line was launched there recently; in addition, the first roll of zinc-coated cold-rolled stock was manufactured a little while ago. The line’s production capacity comes to 200,000 tons of ready goods a year. MMK expects this facility to reach its full capacity within the next three months. Sergey Ushakov explains the launch of the polymeric coating line is meant substantially to expand the company’s client bas and to build up on the share of value-added goods in the total production volume. Danieli also acts as the primary machinery supplier here.

The iron and steel works in Turkey now comprises a steel-smelting department with a casting and rolling unit, a cold-rolling shop, a hot-dip galvanizing unit, a polymeric coating line in Iskenderun, and two metal maintenance centers in Iskenderun and Istanbul. The facility also includes a sea port capable of hosting vessels of up to 100,000 tons, which greatly increases the company’s export opportunities and makes it easier to deliver raw materials onto the steel production site. The steel-smelting department with its casting and rolling unit was launched in Iskenderun in March 2011. The first roll of ready goods was manufactured there on May 4, 2011. The project requires a total of $2.1bn worth of investments.

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