Uralmashstroy, Stroytech, Stin-West must pick up sites

Gosstroynadzor (the state construction surveillance agency) experts and the representatives of Yekaterinburg municipal council as well as officials from the city’s district councils completed their examination of the sanitary condition of the local construction sites.

Gosstroynadzor’s local division reports a number of developers have to fix things at once: RSU-37 must bring things to order at an apartment block site in Krasnolesye St, Uralmashstroy needs to work on an educational facility/underground garage site in Gagarin St and Botanicheskaya St, Stroytech has to take care of a shopping center site in Tavatuyskaya St. and Nadezhdinskaya St, Grand-Stroy has to pick up its apartment building site in Vosmoye Marta St, Ural-Siberian Railway Design & Development Company needs to bring things to order at its apartment building site in Belinsky St-Schors St- Zwilling St., Termo-C has to take care of its trade and business center site in Evropeyskaya St, Stin-West must fix things at an apartment building site in Bessarabskaya St, and Investment & Construction Company needs to work on its apartment building site in Volgogradskaya St and Seraphima Deryabina St.

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