FAS feels RUSAL abuses monopoly

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service took legal action against UC RUSAL Trading House as the Service suspects the company has abused its dominant position on the silicon market.

The FAS looked into an application placed by a non-commercial partnership called the Union of Secondary Non-Ferrous Metallurgical Enterprises and now claims UC RUSAL Trading House violated Article 10 (part 1, paragraphs 3 and 5) of the Federal Competition Protection Act, to wit: UC RUSAL Trading House infringes upon its contractor disadvantageous terms of agreement, or the terms unrelated to the agreement proper. The company sometimes refuses to sign an agreement with certain Russian silicon buyers for no good economic or technological reason, even though it is capable of producing or delivering the goods.

What is more, UC RUSAL Trading House is also suspected of violating Article 10 (part 1, paragraph 8) of the Federal Competition Protection Act in that it discriminates against its Russian customers to the benefit of the foreign silicon buyers.

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