Russian Railways to raise fares 3.4% for investment purposes

28 April 2011 (19:33)

UrBC, Moscow, April 26, 2011. Russian Railways suggests raising the freight fares by 3.4% for investment purposes, RIA Novosti refers to head of the company Vladimir Yakunin as saying.

‘The current situation is a bit strange, for example, the energy sector enterprises actually cover for their investments through charging the customers. To balance our budget without taking into account the new predictions that come up, we propose that the ‘investment’ part of the fare should come to about 3.4%,’ Yakunin said.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Deputy Transport Minister Andrei Nedosekov said earlier that his ministry suggested adding another 4% to the already planned 7% increase in the fare expected in 2012 and offering the railways a 40bn RUR subsidy.

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