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Koltso Urala: VISA promotes cashless pay in Russia

Using one’s VISA card to pay for products and services is getting not only convenient but also economically expedient: VISA makes a unique offer to the Russian cardholders between April 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011; the offer is dubbed, ‘Try It – You’ll Love It.’

Bank Koltso Urala’s Payment Systems & Cards Department’s experts explain that any VISA cardholder, including the holders of cards issued by Koltso Urala, can pay for any products and services by his or her VISA card, spending any amount of money, in any place.

The bank’s Payment Systems & Cards Director Olga Sharafeyeva explains that VISA’s marketing initiatives have an educational element to them and serve as an efficient tool of cashless payments market development in Russia.
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