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Tug crushes into Lufthansa plane in Perm

A criminal suit might follow the recent tug crushing into Lufthansa-owned airplane in Perm airport, Ural public prosecution authorities for transportation report.

While Airbus A321-200 was getting ready to take off in Perm’s Bolshoye Savino Airport on February 26, 2011, a tug crushed into it, damaging the metallic fixtures that attached the tug to the plane. There were forty-three passengers and seven crew members aboard the plane. An investigative team and Perm’s public prosecutor for transportation Sergey Zabelov inspected the scene of the accident shortly afterwards.

It was revealed that the damage occurred due to the automatic gear of the tug breaking down; the tug was actually approaching the plane to fix the chassis to help the plane drive onto the runway.
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