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Vietnam’s new consul to arrive in Yekaterinburg in March

Head of Yekaterinburg Evgeniy Porunov and Head of Yekaterinburg City Council Alexander Yakob met Vietnam’s Consul General Le Quy Quynh, Yekaterinburg Municipal Duma’s press service reports.

The consul is about to resign from his office in Yekaterinburg after about three and a half years. While he was in office, Hanoi Shopping Center was opened in the city and a scheduled Yekaterinburg-Hanoi flight was introduced. What is more, much more citizens of Vietnam now live and work in Yekaterinburg as expats.

Evgeniy Porunov and Alexander Yakob thanked the consul for his efforts and said he made a great contribution to the strengthening of ties between the Urals and Vietnam. The consul, in his turn, spoke very highly of Yekaterinburg’s socioeconomic development and said it had been an honor for him to work in the city.

The new Consul-General is expected to arrive in Yekaterinburg in March.
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