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Yekaterinburg nanotech center to apply for state funds

30.11.2010. : public
The project on the introduction of a nanotech center on the premises of Ural Scientific & Technological Institute in Yekaterinburg won in the second open-to-all contest coordinated by Rosnano State Corporation. This means that the project can hope to receive the corporations financing.

According to Sverdlovsk Regions Minister for Industry & Science Alexander Petrov, the center aims to deal in the development and commercial application of nanotechnologies with the help of the most advanced nanotech machinery.

The minister explained the projects total budget amounted to 1.7 billion RUR, with the better part of the investment to be supplied by Rosnano, a number of scientific organizations, and regional universities in the form of equipment.

The introduction of such a center in Yekaterinburg will fully cover the local industrial enterprises needs related to nanotech metering and technological tasks that require costly equipment, the minister said.