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Four hotels to open in Yekaterinburg in 2011

Four new hotels are expected to start operating in Yekaterinburg next year. These are: a third extension to the Atrium Palace Hotel in Belinsky St (eighty rooms), a hotel/apartment block in Grazhdanskaya St (one hundred rooms), and two mini hotels of ten rooms each at 27 Sverdlov St and 21 Kuznetsov St, says Deputy Mayor Viktor Konteev’s press officer Ilona Starodubtseva.

Meanwhile, three hotels have already been opened in Yekaterinburg this year: the Novotel Hotel (two hundred rooms), the Sibirsky Tract Hotel (forty-six rooms), and a ten-room mini hotel called Park Vista. This means the city can currently offer its guests ninety-six different hostelries with rooms for 7,620 visitors. This includes fifty-eight hotels fit for 6,020 visitors and thirty-eight additional accommodation offers fit for 1,600 visitors. This exceeds the figures for the year 2003 (when the hotel industry started developing rapidly in Yekaterinburg) by 45.8%.

According to the data provided by the city council, the local hotels currently manage to get 35% to 60% of their rooms booked on a regular basis.
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